Living Fresh, Now

imageLiving Fresh, Now
Living "fresh" is something we should strive for each day.  Awakening with a new fresh attitude gives you leverage in life.  Thinking fresh, living a wholesome and fresh life, eating fresh healthy foods; taking a more active interest in your own health and well-being.  Remove toxic foods and people from your life, release all non-essentials and lighten your work load; laugh more. All of these components will assist your body in performing at its optimum.  By incorporating these ideals in your lifestyle you will begin to eliminate stress, think clearer, and enjoy life to the fullest.
Living Fresh, Now,
will give you healthful hints on staying stress free and body and mind balanced with quick and easy recipes, exercise suggestions and various other health-filled stress busting ideas. So….Let’s Start Living Fresh - Now!
                                  Revive, Refresh, Re-Boot Your Day

It's never too late to have a good day.

Here are some strategies to make it happen on purpose.
1) Drink Chai. Or the soothing calming tea of your choice.  Make sure to really smell and taste, don’t just drink it…taste it, and feel the mug in your hand, let the liquid soothe you.
2) Talk About It. Grab a friend or a trusted colleague and tell them about your not-so-pleasant day. Getting it out can help you move on to the next, exciting, fresher thing.
3) Leave Your Zone. Step out of your "comfort zone," or as the oft time over used phrase goes... step out of the box.  I say throw away the box entirely and do you, do something you wouldn't regularly do, something you have thought about "wow, I wonder how that would feel, look or taste."  Step over that boundary line.  You just might enjoy it!
4) Take a Sensory Break. Excite your senses; try a new ice cream flavor, tea, food dish or body lotion.  Enjoy the smell of a fresh brewed pot of coffee; even if you don't drink coffee a freshly brewed pot can really be refreshing. Go to an all-natural cosmetics counter and sample some of the good-smelling stuff. Buy a different candle scent or a single flower.
5) Get It Done. That one task you've been avoiding? Do it. Set a timer if you need to and just focus on that one task. It's amazing what can happen and how completely accomplished you will feel by having completed that one task.
6) Meditate. 10 minutes of sitting quietly, closing your eyes and breathing gently can shift your brain waves--perspective and attitude. Take a mental vacation, you deserve it.
7) Make a Decision. Have you been waffling about something, can't make up your, where, when? Making a little decision--like what to cook for dinner--can free up your energy to change directions.
8) Take a Reading Break. Have several good books on hand to get your brain out of itself. They don't all have to be heavy reading; some poetry, fiction, romance, or even a horror story, it might shock you back to realizing just how great your life really is.
9) Dance, Dance, Dance. This will chase away all your blues, lighten your spirit and give your body a great workout.  Try out some of those moves you've seen on TV and not just ready to try out in public. Just turn on the radio or your hand held music device and boogie away. 
10) Buy Something. A small dose of retail therapy can really work wonders. I emphasise the word "small" in this economy, be wise and responsible.  Even if it's a cheap, pretty thing that will make you momentarily happy--could be as small as a new felt-tipped pen with purple ink to help you, re-write your day.  Or a trip to the dollar store for a really good bargain...those greeting cards that are 2 for $1.00, always make me feel good, plus when I send them to someone it's makes them feel special, so a 2-for-1, what a deal!
11) Bonus: Go to Sleep! Sometimes that's the only way out--a nap.  Kick back or lay back, close your eyes and just give in.... throw up the white flag and surrender.  Awaken refresh and ready to take on the remainder of your day.
                         Here's to your good health and life at it's fullest and freshest